the ariix bill of rights

ARIIX Bill of Rights: The 11 Unique Rights (#3-#7)

the unique ariix bill of rightsARIIX Bill of Rights

ARIIX Bill of Rights #3 is the right given to genuine ownership and protection. This means that ARIIX allows the right to appeal compliance decisions by an independent committee during serious or potential cancellation decisions. After all, you are the true owner of your own independent business and so you certainly deserve full control over it.
ARIIX Bill of Rights #4 is all about the right to be able to review compensation plan changes. Unlike other network marketing companies, ARIIX gives the Partner Council full control in reviewing any potential changes on the official compensation plan before it is finally implemented. ARIIX values the feedback from the ARIIX community and will never change the compensation plan according to its own interests alone.

the ariix bill of rights

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ARIIX Bill of Rights #5 is the right for YOU to be the true expert. No one is able to understand the needs of this business better than those who are actually doing it out in the field. In matters of strategies and techniques such as in prospecting and marketing, the company allows any person to have the right to submit proven methods to the Partner Council and Home Office for it believes that YOU know how the business works better than the company itself.


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ARIIX Bill of Rights #6 is about your right to the company’s loyalty or in other words the ARIIX Loyalty Chip. This sixth right is your “get out of jail free!” card and gives you special consideration when you need it the most because ARIIX understands how much time and effort it takes to create a strong and thriving business and it is never that easy and smooth.

ARIIX Bill of Rights #7 is all about having the right to reasonable notice of business impact changes and right to ask for explanation on matters related to ones business.