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Cashflow Quadrant: The Investor Quadrant

Investor Quadrant   Last but not the least quadrant is no other than the investor quadrant. As mentioned earlier, the investor quadrant and the big business owner quadrant are both the ideal quadrants in Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant. The investor quadrant differs in the sense that it is more on investing rather than starting and growing […]

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Cashflow Quadrant: The Big Business Owner Quadrant

Big Business Owner Quadrant Take note that in Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant, the big business owner quadrant and the investor quadrant are the ideal quadrants because they are the quadrants that have true financial freedom and have money work for them in  stead of them working for money. They are so leveraged and so free […]

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Cashflow Quadrant: The Self-Employed or Small Business Owner Quadrant

Self-Employed or Small Business Owner Quadrant   Unlike the employee quadrant, people from the self-employed or small business owner quadrant have a core value of independence instead of security. They want to have a life of freedom wherein they can do whatever they want whenever they want it. Individuals from the employee quadrant can turn […]

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The Real Life Changing Education

Life Changing Education   A life changing education is the kind of education that doesn’t just happen in school but rather makes a big impact in your overall life hence it is called life changing education. To truly achieve real and effective life changing education one must tap mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual education. These […]

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