ariix slenderiix phase 2

ARIIX Slenderiix & Xceler8: Phase 2

ariix slenderiix phase 2ARIIX Slenderiix & Xceler8 Rapid Weight Loss Phase

As you finish Phase 1 or the Loading phase of the ARIIX Slenderiix & Xceler8 program, you will then proceed to the Phase 2 or the Rapid Weight Loss phase of the program. On this phase, which happens on the third day of the ARIIX Slenderiix & Xceler8 program, you are now restricted to a caloric intake of 1250 a day only. Although you are not required, it is highly suggested of you to be taking two of the ARIIX PureNourish products for breakfast and lunch together with the ARIIX Slenderiix and some other regular and low-glycemic snacks not going over 1250 calories every single day. Notice how you were first spoiled to over indulge into eating to your heart’s content the first two days and then restricted to 1250 calories starting the third day? The purpose of this shift is to make the ARIIX Slenderiix & Xceler8 more effective and more efficient in mobilizing fats.ariix slenderiix rapid weight loss phase

ARIIX Slenderiix & Xceler8 is the best way to weight lossariix slenderiix & xceler8 intro

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The reason why the ARIIX Pure Nourish is recommended together with the ARIIX Slenderiix & Xceler8 program is because of the fact that the ARIIX Pure Nourish provides a good source of low-glycemic breakfast and lunch option that fits right with the standards of the ARIIX Slenderiix & Xceler8 program not because they are both ARIIX products but because of ARIIX’s commitment to excellence. To experience the benefits of the ARIIX Pure Nourish together with the ARIIX Slenderiix & Xceler8, use two scoops of the meal supplement and put in 8 to 10 ounces of water and mix with your desired unsweetened milk which can be anything from unsweetened almond milk, unsweetened, skimmed milk, and unsweetened soy milk. Just get creative and do anything you wish to make your program even more desirable and enjoyable.