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I love helping people who have a desire to achieve success building their own business online or offline. I have been a self-employed entrepreneur since 1985. I have started and owned several businesses and now focus my time in the network marketing industry helping people around the world achieve success.

I’ve been a life long visionary, which is evident by my early adoption of digital technology in my professional photography business. In 1995, I was the first professional digital photographer in the country to transitioned my portrait studio completely digital. I’ve also been online since 1996 marketing and building websites. Read more here…

I’m an entrepreneur and a business coach and have a complete understanding of what’s required to create success in business. I assist people with direction toward reaching their business goals faster and with more ease than they may achieve on their own, sharing proven systems to create massive success.

If you’re looking for a business, Network Marketing in my opinion is the best way for the average person to achieve massive success and generate the income which creates the time freedom to live the life of your dreams. In network marketing your efforts directly control the level of success you desire. My company of choice is ARIIX, click this link to learn why.

3.5"x2" Business Card TemplateThe Days of a Safe Job Are Over by Robert Kiyosaki

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