The Business of the 21st Century

the business of the 21st centuryThe Rules Have Changed

We live in troubled times. The last few years have brought us a steady parade of fear and panic in the headlines, boardrooms, and kitchen tables across American. Globalization, outsourcing, downsizing, foreclosures, subprime mortgages and credit default swaps, ponzi schemes, Wall Street fiascos, recession…it’s just one piece of bad news after another.

This is the first Chapter in Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book called “The Business of the 21st Century”.

Take  responsibility for your finances—or get used to taking orders for the rest of your life. You’re either a master of money or a slave to it. Your Choice.

This book is a must read for people that want to control their own future.

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Rick Billings

The ARIIX Opportunity is on Fire…Reps Are Having Overwhelming Success

ARIIX is Pre-Launching United Kingdom (UK)

ariix-uk-pre-launchGet a Positioned Now, Don’t Wait! Enroll Before The Masses!

Whether you are a leader in the network marketing industry or thinking about joining a New MLM for the first time, you need to take a serious look at ARIIX and its unique and amazing products and compensation plan.

Don’t delay or miss this one, as ARIIX is experiencing double-digit growth month over month.

You have the chance to be on the ground level in the United Kingdom as we continue to build out this market, sharing some of the healthiest products available anywhere.

Not everyone wants to be a pioneer in a new market, but the benefits can be absolutely unbelievable.

Simplicity, Duplication and True Mass Market Appeal will make people come with genuine excitement and massive growth to the ARIIX Business Opportunity.

UNITED KINGDOM CAN BE LEAD BY YOU – We’re looking for top LEADERS to open your market for ARIIX.

Such opportunities don’t come every day and you have the chance to be in at the beginning. Join us during the United Kingdom (UK) Pre-launch, and become part of our core team so that you’re part of this Awesome Opportunity!

ariix-launch-ukARIIX is Pre-Launching United Kingdom

Imagine learning about the startup of a brand new incredible company, before it opens the UK market, before other leaders or even the masses know its coming!

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Look, Watch and Wait? Act now and take advantage of the opportunity in the UK and know that you are in the right place at the right time.

Whether you’re looking for True Health or Financial Wealth or a Fresh start Business, then this is with no doubt the place for you to be! The ARIIX Opportunity is exploding and the UK will be a great market.

The UK will be ARIIX’s best Pre-Launch ever! So Act now!

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ARIIX is doing over $75 million in sales in 18 countries and will be the NEXT BIG GLOBAL NETWORK MARKETING GIANT. Our companies Member “Bill of Rights” is extremely unique and created to protect everyone that joins the ARIIX family. ARIIX pays out over 50% of sales with it’s amazing patent-pending one-of-a-kind compensation plan.

ARIIX is currently open for business in USA, Canada, Mexico, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, The Netherlands, Singapore, Portugal, Russia Federation, Kazakhstan and Ukrine. We are in Pre-Launch in United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Spain.

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I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Rick Billings
Senior Officer in ARIIX
Skype: RickBillings3

What are BCA’s & Why You Should be Taking Them

Learn why you should be taking Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCA’s) on a daily basis.

Ashleigh Gass, will explain all the benefits of the right BCA’s.

Ashleigh Gass, BSc, CSCS, MES, CISSN, Medical Exercise Specialist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Certified Sports Nutritionist (International Society of Sports Nutrition), Certified Sports Performance Nutrition Advisor, and Masters in Progress: Human Nutrition. Please visit us at our new website:

Click on the PLAY button below.

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Rick Billings

With A Vision You Can Create Success

It’s titled “Vision”…

This is an excellent video that was put together as a motivational tool to help empower you to create success.

We all have a biological clock. And when we make the transition from life, we have 3 things on our tombstones.

The year we’re born, the year we died, and that little dash in the middle.

What seems so insignificant that little dash is the most significant symbol of those 3 things. Because whatever that little dash represents, everything you did and did not, can and cannot, the adventures, the victories, the failures, the let downs, and everything in-between. That little dash IS (or was) your life!

Now, if that scares you, this video and post should be very important to you and you should really focus on ways you can create the motivation required to create success. As you watch this video, reflect back on your life, think about all of the things you wanted to do, said you were going to do, planned on doing, but just didn’t do.

See, there are many ways to create success beyond just making money and we all have things that call to us throughout our lives requiring us to create success to make them happen.

It might be about money, it might be about service to others, it might be about nothing more than having a family and creating a simple life. We all create success differently.

I personally have a raging fire in my heart that constantly creates recycles the question, “How is high? How far can you go?” and I’m driven to find that answer.

I create success in many ways in my life just like everyone else does.

So, as you watch this video and you see all of the inspiring clips and scenes, know this… The ways we create success might be different but, the process is always the same, and everyone has their own dash to fill in.

What will your dash mean?

Rick Billings

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The ARIIX Members “Bill of Rights” – A Must Have to Build Residual Income

The ARIIX Members “Bill of Rights” | A first in the Industry and the true protection that you need with building your own business. Don’t think that you own your own business without reading the fine print you your distributor agreement. With ARIIX you have Rights! How can you build residual income without it?

7 Tips for Network Marketing Success

7 Tips for Network Marketing Success

You probably have an image firmly planted in your mind of what network marketing (also known as direct sales or multilevel marketing) is all about–housewives buying and selling Tupperware while gossiping and eating finger sandwiches, or a high-pressure salesperson trying to convince you how easily you can become a millionaire if only you and your friends and their friends and so on would buy and sell vitamins with him.

Both of these images couldn’t be further from the reality of network marketing. It’s neither a hobby nor a get-rich-scheme but an opportunity for you to earn money running your own part- or full-time business.

But what does it take to succeed in this industry? Vincent J. Kellsey, director of member services for the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance, an organization that provides a variety of resources to women and men in the direct-selling industry, offers these tips for making it:

Choose wisely. There are six key elements you should be looking for [when selecting an opportunity]. Number one: stability. How old is the company? Number two is excellent products or services that consumers will use and need more of.

Number three is the pay plan–how even and fair and generous overall is the distribution? This is really crucial as the pay plan represents exactly how you’ll get paid–or not get paid. There are really only two questions to ask [regarding this]: How many pennies out of each sales dollar get paid back to the distributors each month, and how fair is the distribution of these pennies between the old members and the new members?

Number four is the integrity of the company and the management. As much as possible, [investigate] the experience of the CEO, [their] experience in the network marketing industry, and their background. [Have] they been successful in other companies in the industry? Do they have a good reputation?

Number five is momentum and timing. Look at where the company’s at, what’s going on with the company, and if it’s growing.

Number six is support, training and business systems. You may have [chosen] a great company with excellent management, products that make a difference, a pay plan that’s uniquely fair and very generous, and momentum and stability, but if you don’t have a system in place that works, all of that [doesn't matter]. Most companies will have a transferable training system that they use, and that’s where mentorship comes in.

Practice what they teach. [To succeed,] you need to be willing to listen and learn from mentors. The way this industry is structured, it’s in the best interests of the [MLM veterans in your company] to help you succeed, so they’re willing to teach you the system. Whatever [your mentor] did to become successful, it’s very duplicatable, but you have to be willing to listen and be taught and follow those systems.

The higher-ups. It can be called various things, but the general term is the “upline,” meaning the people above you. How supportive are they? Do they call you? Do they help you put a plan in place? Are they as committed to your success as they are to their own? You should be able to relate to [the people in your upline] and be able to call them at any time to say “I need some help.” How much support there is from the people above you in the company is very important.

Take up the lead with your downline. There’s a term in the network marketing industry called “orphans”–when somebody is brought in and then the person who brought them in is just so busy bringing in other people that they don’t spend the time to teach and train [the new person]. You should be prepared to spend at least 30 days helping a new person come into the industry–training them, supporting them and holding their hand until they feel confident to be able to go off on their own. You really need to ask yourself, are you willing to do that? Are you able to do that? This is really about long-term relationship building. It’s not about just bringing people into the business and just moving forward. It’s about working with these people and helping them to develop relationships.

On the net. People are utilizing [the internet] as their main marketing tool. [You can set up your site] with autoresponders so when you capture leads, the autoresponder can follow up with that person. One of the greatest keys to success in this industry is follow-up. Many people will have someone call them who’s interested or they’ll call the person and say they’re interested, but then they don’t follow up with it. Automation on the internet has allowed a much more consistent method of following up.

The only drawback with the internet is people who utilize it to spam. If there was one thing I could put forward to say, “Do not do” when utilizing the internet as a marketing tool, it’s spamming because that can give a very bad reputation not only to you but also to the company you’re working with.

Taking care of business. This is a business, and just like if you were running a franchise or a storefront, you [should have an] accountant. You have all the same write-offs tax-wise that you have with running a [full-time] business, so it’s very important to [do your research] prior to getting involved, before you start making money from it. How is that going to affect you tax-wise? What are your write-offs?

It’s important to set up a [support] team around you. I’d suggest seeking out lawyers who deal in network marketing, so they’re very versed in all the laws and how that affects [your business.]. There are also accountants who specialize in dealing with home-based businesses specifically in the direct-selling industry.

Don’t quit your day job…yet. Never leave your full-time position unless you’re absolutely certain that the income that’s coming in with this company is going to be there. [Be sure that] you’ve been with the company [for awhile] and that you know it’s a stable company, and the income that you’re earning is equal to or greater than the income you’re earning from your job before quitting.

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